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230926 OAHC Hearing Press Alert

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Press Alert: September 26, 2023

Maine's Office of Affordable Health Care Convenes First Annual Public Hearing

 FMI Contact Consumers for Affordable Health Care:

Ann Woloson, Executive Director

207-480-2133 or 207-458-0416

What: Maine’s Office of Affordable Health Care First Annual Affordability Public Hearing

When: 9 a.m., Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Where: Maine Department of Health and Human Services, 109 Capitol Street, Augusta, Maine

The Office of Affordable Health Care was created as a result of legislation sponsored by Senate President Troy Jackson in 2021. The Office is charged with analyzing health care cost growth trends, the quality of health care, and health care spending trends in order to make recommendations to reduce health care cost growth and improve the quality of health care in Maine. The Office will also provide staffing assistance to Maine’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board.

The Office is required to convene an annual public hearing on cost trends and barriers to health care affordability and provide an opportunity for public comment.

Visit here for more information regarding the public hearing.



Consumers for Affordable Health Care is a Maine based, not for profit, private organization that works to advocate the right to quality, affordable health care for every person in Maine.