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Who We Are

Mission & History

The mission of Consumers for Affordable Health Care is to advocate for Maine people to be heard, respected, and well-served in a health system that provides coverage, access and quality, affordable care to all.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Maine where all have the right to a healthy and financially secure future that is not threatened by the cost of health care.

Our Values

Are Integrity, Compassion, Equity, Determination, Collaboration, and Pragmatism.

For any and all Mainers

At Consumers for Affordable Health Care, we prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility. We celebrate the richness of Maine’s demographic diversity and welcome all, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, immigration status, gender identity, or marital status. Our commitment extends to advocating for equal access to resources and support for affordable health care for every Mainer and for all Maine communities. We actively seek partnerships and collaborations with diverse organizations and stakeholders to address systemic barriers. Our goals are to improve access to health care, advance the well-being of all Maine residents, and create a more equitable healthcare system.

Celebrating 3.5 decades of protecting consumers and expanding access to health care