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Ann Woloson, executive director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care, said such fees are the subject of an increasing number of calls to her organization's helpline. "Not understanding what they are, why they're being charged for them," Woloson observed. "Especially if it's off a hospital campus in a provider's office, or for other services -- like telehealth, for example."

Woloson argued health care is becoming unsustainable. "Health insurance premiums become more expensive, consumers are expected to take on more cost-sharing," Woloson pointed out. "While efforts to improve access to coverage are so incredibly important, we believe more needs to be done to address rising costs."

Jackson’s bill would build on previous action taken in Maine in 2020 that limited insulin copays to $35 for a 30-day supply, which advocates said was a crucial step to help with affordability for the more than 1 in 10 adults across the state with diabetes.

Still, Kate Ende of Consumers for Affordable Health Care, who spoke in favor of LD 1793, said while the 2020 reform helped many people, $35 can still be a financial burden for some.

A legislative committee considered a bill Tuesday that seeks to lower the price of insulin, a crucial medication that some Mainers have struggled to afford.

Still, Kate Ende of Consumers for Affordable Health Care, who spoke in favor of LD 1793, said while the 2020 reform helped many people, $35 can still be a financial burden for some.



2/23/2024 Public News Service Survey shows support for transparent hospital prices, facility fee limits
2/14/2024 American News Journal Jackson bill seeks to lower the price of insulin, ease access for nonprofit manufacturers
2/14/2024 Maine Morning Star Jackson bill seeks to lower the price of insulin, ease access for nonprofit manufacturers
2/12/2024 Public News Service Facility fees add to growing concerns over medical debt
2/12/2024 Maine Beacon Facility fees add to growing concerns over medical debt
2/11/2024 Portland Press Herald Loophole leaves Maine patients vulnerable to hefty ambulance fees
2/8/2024 Maine Beacon Amid ‘unwinding,’ some Mainers say they’re being made to jump through hoops to keep MaineCare
2/8/2024 Bangor Daily News Maine free clinics are seeing an increasingly high demand for care
2/7/2024 Maine Public Free clinics in Maine are seeing an increasingly high demand for care
1/25/2024 - DHHS Finishes Open Enrollment with Many New Consumers Covered This Year
1/25/2023 FOX23 Maine Maine lawmakers propose bills to help Mainers with medical debt
1/25/2024 Maine Public Pair of Maine bills aimed at limiting medical debt
1/25/2024 Maine Morning Star Lawmakers unveil proposals to rein in Mainers’ medical debt burden
1/25/2024 WABI 5 Two bills introduced aim to address medical debt for Mainers
1/25/2024 FOX22 ABC7 ME lawmakers introduce bills combating medical debt
1/25/2024 WLOX 13 2 bills introduced aim to address medical debt for Mainers
1/25/2024 NewsCenter Maine Lawmakers , consumer experts push two bills aimed at tackling medical debt
1/26/2024 Bangor Daily News 2 Maine bills want to limit medical debt
1/26/2024 WGME 13 Maine lawmakers propose bills to help Mainers with medical debt
1/26/2024 NewsCenter Maine (YouTube) Maine bill could restrict ways providers sell medical debt to collection agencies
1/10/2024 DHHS Press Release Attracting New Consumers as Final Deadline for 2024 Coverage Approaches
1/10/2024 Maine Public Maine health insurance marketplace enrollment on track with last year's signups
1/2/2024 Beacon Mainers get another chance at open enrollment for health coverage


12/26/2023 Public News Service Mainers get another chance at open enrollment for health care coverage
12/21/2023 Maine Public, Maine Calling Health Insurance Options
12/15/2023 CAHC's Policy Perspectives Latest News on the Fight for Prescription Drug Affordability, the Inflation Reduction Act, and Implications for Mainers
12/13/2023 Governor Mills Press Release Mills Urges Maine People to Sign Up by December 15 for Affordable Health Insurance Through
12/7/2023 Spectrum News Unexplained health care facility fees causing ‘angst amongst the public,’ Maine com¬mission chair¬woman says
12/1/2023 News Center Maine Task force forms to address and better understand health care 'facility fees' in Maine
11/30/2023 Biddeford Saco OOB Courier Enrolling in affordable health care plans
11/1/2023 Public News Service Subsidies protect most Mainers from ACA insurance cost hikes
11/1/2023 Governor Mills - Maine DHHS PR Now Open for Shopping and Enrolling in Affordable Health Plans
9/27/2023 Express HC Mngmt The Office of Affordable Health Care in Maine Addresses Barriers to Accessing Medical Care
9/27/2023 Maine Public Office of Affordable Health Care holds first ever public hearing
9/25/2023 Public News Service First public hearing for Mainers on healthcare, drug costs
9/14/2023 Filling the Gaps training announcement
9/1/2023 Maine Public Health insurance rates going up more than 14% on average in Maine's 2024 marketplace
8/29/2023 Maine Public The list of drug prices to be negotiated by Medicare are among the most costly in Maine
8/25/2023 Public News Service MaineCare recipients urged to update forms to ensure coverage
8/10/2023 Maine Public Most people have retained Medicaid coverage in Maine, according to health department data
7/11/2023 Portland Press Herald Hospital facility fees to be investigated under new law
6/29/2023 MaineBeacon Opinion: Survey results show a “broken” health care system in Maine
6/28/2023 MaineBeacon Campaign to extend MaineCare coverage to all eligible noncitizens vows to fight on
6/13/2023 Senators Braun, Hassan, Kennedy lead bipartisan bill to fix part of Medicare billing structure, saving billions
6/5/2023 Maine Beacon Majority of Mainers Concerned with Medical Debt, Rising Health Care Costs
6/5/2023 Public News Service Majority of Mainers Concerned with Medical Debt, Rising Health Care Costs
5/27/2023 Portland Press Herald LTE: Poll of Mainers confirms what we know about health care
5/25/2023 Lawmakers may study hospital ‘facility fees’ before restricting them
5/24/2023 WMTW8 Legislators advance bill to address hospital facility fees
5/15/2023 Maine Public Bill would seek to reduce drug costs for Mainers by setting limits on price
5/15/2023 Portland Press Herald Prescription drug bill would tie Maine drug prices to Medicare rates
5/11/2023 Portland Press Herald Patients, advocates clash with hospitals over bill to restrict facility fees in medical bills
5/11/2023 Maine Public Mainers' concerns over health care costs spark debate over facility fees
5/11/2023 Fox22 Bangor ABC7 Proposed bill to fight health care crisis
5/11/2023 Spectrum News Maine Senate president calls for limits on medical facility fees, saying Mainers are being ‘nickel and dimed’
5/8/2023 Maine Public Central Maine Healthcare hospitals to become Tier 1 under Anthem
5/3/2023 Maine Beacon Amid nationwide attacks, trans Mainers, supporters push bills 'to make community healthier and safer'
4/28/2023 Portland Press Herald Maine Legislature may restrict ‘facility fees’ charged by hospitals
4/17/2023 Portland Press Herald Hospitals face new wave of competition from infusion centers
4/12/2023 Portland Press Herald Bill would protect access to gender-affirming care that’s being restricted by other states
4/3/2023 Public News Service Lawmakers Consider Expansion of MaineCare to All Immigrant Adults
3/13/2023 Maine Beacon Poll: Most Mainers think access to affordable healthcare for everyone should be a priority
3/13/2023 Maine News Service End of Public Health Emergency Brings Changes to Mainers' Medicaid Coverage
3/8/2023 MainePublic Maine prepares for lapse of pandemic-era Medicaid eligibility safety net
3/8/2023 Bangor Daily News Maine prepares for end of pandemic-era Medicaid eligibility safety net
3/8/2023 Portland Press Herald Maine launches campaign to ensure MaineCare recipients don’t lose health insurance
1/27/2023 MainePublic As ACA enrollment reaches record highs nationwide, Maine sees decline for 2023
1/27/2023 Bangor Daily News Fewer Mainers signed up for health insurance through ACA marketplace
1/14/2023 WMTW Channel 8 News Deadline for Mainers to sign up for health insurance is Sunday
1/11/2023 newswire/Governor's Office Maine People Urged to Sign Up by the January 15 Deadline for Affordable Health Insurance Through
1/11/2023 State affordable health insurance deadline is Jan. 15
1/11/2023 Conway Daily Sun Maine people urged to sign up by Jan. 15 deadline for insurance


12/19/2022 Public News Service Maine Increases Rates of Children with Health Insurance
12/19/2022 Fox 23 Gov. Mills reminds Mainers to sign up for affordable health insurance before it's too late
12/14/2022 WABI Mainers encouraged to sign up for health insurance by Thursday
12/14/2022 News Center Maine Mills urges Mainers to secure health insurance before deadline
12/14/2022 Maine Public Mainers have one more day to enroll in health insurance plans effective Jan. 1
12/14/2022 Spectrum News Mainers encouraged to sign up for health coverage
12/14/2022 Press Release: Governor Mills Urges Maine People to Sign Up by Dec.15 for Affordable Health Insurance Through
11/21/2022 Public News Service (ME) Hospital Charity Care Could Help More Mainers Avoid Medical Debt
11/2/2022 Public News Service (ME) 'Family Glitch' Fix Means More Affordable Healthcare for Maine Families
11/1/2022 Maine Public Open enrollment begins for health insurance on ACA marketplace
11/1/2022 Maine Calling, MainePublic Information about open enrollment for Maine's health insurance marketplace
9/19/2022 press release: Maine Has Largest Decline in Uninsured Rate Under Governor Mills According to New Federal Data
8/21/2022 Portland Press Herald Hidden charges, denied claims: Medical bills leave patients confused, frustrated, helpless
8/21/2022 Portland Press Herald How to protect yourself against unexpected medical bills, insurance denials
8/18/2022 Maine Public After public dispute, MaineHealth and Anthem aren't sharing details of their new insurance agreement
8/10/2022 Bangor Daily News Democrats’ spending bill could keep 14K Mainers insured
8/7/2022 Bangor Daily News Congress must extend gains in health coverage that are vital to Mainers and millions of Americans
7/16/2022 Federal Government approves Maine's plan to improve health insurance for small businesses
5/25/2022 WGME Insured by Anthem? Here's what you need to know as Maine Med prepares to leave network
4/28/2022 Public News Service Maine Lawmakers Took Health Care Seriously This Session
4/17/2022 Portland Press Herald $136 for a $2 bag of saline? Anthem, MaineHealth trade blame in billing disputes also picked up by the Sun Journal, Kennebec Journal and Yahoo! News
4/8/2022 Reaction to Maine Med's departure from Anthem network continues
4/8/2022 Sun Journal Maine Med's departure from Anthem network would disrupt Maine's insurance market experts say
4/6/2022 Maine Public Maine Medical Center will drop Anthem as an in-network insurer
3/23/2022 Maine Beacon Mainers spotlight the impact of the ACA signed 12 years ago today
3/23/2022 Public News Service Mainers spotlight the impact of the ACA signed 12 years ago today
3/14/2022 Maine Beacon Opinion: Closing the coverage gap for adult immigrants is the next chapter in health justice
2/15/2022 NewsCenter Maine Maine could lower cost of prescription drugs under new bill
2/14/2022 NewsCenter Maine Maine bills would lower drug prices, expand contraceptive coverage
2/14/2022 WMTW channel 8 Lawmakers want to lower drug costs through caps based on Canada
2/14/2022 Lewiston Sun Journal Bill aims to lower the cost of the most expensive prescription drugs for Mainers
2/14/2022 Spectrum News Maine Democrats announce new efforts to lower prices for prescription drugs and contraceptives
2/14/2022 Maine Public Maine Democratic lawmakers introduce pair of proposals to increase access to prescriptions
2/14/2022 Press Release Jackson, Claxton unveil bills to lower prescription drug prices, improve coverage of prescription contraceptives
1/18/2022 Press Release Over 66,000 Maine People Chose Affordable Health Plans for 2022 on
1/18/2022 Over 66,000 Maine People Chose Affordable Health Plans for 2022 on
1/18/2022 Bangor Daily News Maine vows to fix hiccups found in 1st year of health care marketplace rollout
1/11/2022 Piscataquis Observer Evans introduces bill to advance health care coverage
1/10/2022 Public News Service Poll: Mainers Face Health-Care Affordability Burdens
1/10/2022 Maine Beacon Poll: Four in five Mainers are worried about affording health care
1/10/2022 Maine Public Poll: The majority of Mainers struggled to afford health care in 2021
1/10/2022 Media Release Media Release: Three in five Mainers experienced health care affordability burdens last year and even more Mainers worry about affording future care
1/10/2022 Maine Biz Survey: Mainers fret about health care costs



12/31/2021 DHHS Press Release More than 65,000 Maine People Choose Affordable Health Plans on
12/31/2021 DHHS Press Release More than 65,000 Maine People Choose Affordable Health Plans on
12/13/2021 Scarborough Leader Don't miss out on health care coverage this year (Sen. Anne Carney OpEd)
12/9/2021 The Gorham Times Don't miss out on health care coverage (Sen. Stacy Brenner OpEd)
12/8/2021 Maine Beacon Mainers could get help paying ACA marketplace plan premiums
11/25/2021 Portland Press Herald Don't wait, get covered now! LTE by State Sen. Susan Deschambault D-Biddeford
11/23/2021 Bangor Daily News Mainers have less than one month to sign up for ACA coverage, here's how
11/23/2021 Bangor Daily News Bangor low income dental clinic lays off nearly half it's staff
11/17/2021 Maine Beacon Group pushes forward bid to put Universal Health Care on 2022 ballot
11/14/2021 Bangor Daily News A controversial progressive issue could be Maine's next high-stakes referendum battle
11/9/2021 Maine Beacon Senate President Jackson has confidence Golden will support Build Back Better Plan
11/9/2021 News Center Maine Maine's health insurance marketplace is open for enrollments
11/9/2021 WABI-TV Group of lawmakers, health care advocates call for increased federal investment in health care
11/9/2021 Fox22 Advocates call for federal investment in health care
11/7/2021 WMTW-8 Total Maine with Steve Minich - Open Enrollment
11/4/2021 Bangor Daily News Build Back Better Plan will Benefit Mainers
11/3/2021 Maine Public Maine Calling re: Open Enrollment at
10/6/2021 Bangor Daily News Your guide to Maine's new health insurance marketplace
10/5/2021 Maine Public What Mainers need to know as the state opens up its own health insurance marketplace
10/4/2021 Portland Press Herald Maine launching state-run health insurance marketplace for 2022 enrollment
9/7/2021 Portland Press Herald Few Maine hospitals comply with federal price disclosure law
8/13/2021 Penobscot Bay Pilot Mills, Lambrew urge people to sign up for health coverage ahead of deadline
8/10/2021 Maine Public Advocacy group urges Mainers to check out insurance options before special enrollment ends
8/9/2021 FOX22 TV Bangor Lawmakers, health care advocates kick off nationwide bus tour
8/9/2021 WABI-TV Protect Our Care Bus tour advocates for better affordable healthcare
7/21/2021 Maine Beacon Stories from the session: Progress made on health care, but some Mainers still left behind
7/3/2021 Bangor Daily News Brain Foundation Fund Awards 170,000 in grants
6/29/2021 Bangor Daily News Opinion: Mainers needs fair drug prices - now
6/17/2021 Maine Public Maine Health Care Advocates Cheer Supreme Court Decision To Toss Suit Challenging ACA
6/16/2021 Press Release - Insurance Superintendent Again Reminds Mainers to "Shop Safely" During Expanded Special Enrollment for Health Coverage Through August 15th
6/11/2021 Maine Beacon Opinion: Bills to address rising health care, drug costs advance despite attacks from Big Pharma
5/28/2021 Press Release - Maine Jobs Recovery Plan helps small businesses, employees afford health insurance
5/13/2021 Piscataquis Observer Dr. Evans introduces legislation to improve health coverage enrollment process
4/29/2021 Central Maine Newspapers Supplemental Insert highlighting local Non-Profits
4/13/2021 Central Maine Newspapers Press Release: Making Health Care Work for Mainers Bill Package
5/4/2021 Public News Service Health Care Affordability Bill Could Bring Insurance to Thousands of Mainers
3/30/2021 Free Press Online New Insurance Savings Options in Marketplace
3/25/2021 Penobscot Bay Pilot Maine DHHS urges Mainers to take advantage of new health care savings, extra sign up time
3/24/2021 Maine DHHS Urges People to Take Advantage of New Health Care Savings and Extra Time to Sign Up for Coverage
3/16/2021 Associated Press ACA gets boost
3/16/2021 Portland Press Herald ACA Expansion to boost subsidies for most of 63,000 Mainers with coverage
3/13/2021 Maine Beacon Advancing a vision for an equitable Maine
2/23/2021 Portland Press Herald Maine Democratic leaders pitch COVID-19 Patient Bill of Rights
2/23/2021 Free Press Online Sen. David Miramant: ACA Open Enrollment Extended
2/15/2021 Penobscot Bay Pilot Special enrollment period provides second chance for affordable health insurance


12/23/2020 Public News Service Survey Finds Support For Higher Taxes on Wealthy To Protect Social Services
12/23/2020 Public News Service Survey Finds Support For Higher Taxes on Wealthy To Protect Social Services
12/10/2020 Governor's Press Release Governor Mills Marks Get Covered 2021 Day
12/3/2020 Beacon With thousands out of work and without health care, more Mainers enroll in ACA
11/24/2020 Bangor Daily News Why Maine needs to act on health care
11/20/2020 Scarborough Leader Sign up for health insurance now
11/16/2020 Maine Public Affordable Care Act: Understanding Enrollment & Provisions of Federal Health Coverage
11/10/2020 Public News Service ACA Enrollment Still Open, Despite Supreme Court Hearing
11/10/2020 Maine Public 'Most People Would Be Impacted' — Affordable Care Act's Repeal Would 'Cause Chaos' In Maine
11/9/2020 WMTW8 Health care advocates remind Mainers of Affordable Care Act enrollment
10/31/2020 Maine Public Survey: High Cost Kept Nearly 200,000 Mainers from Pursuing Medical Treatment, Filling Prescriptions
10/30/2020 LTE - BDN LTE_Voting for our health
10/27/2020 Maine Public Maine Groups Denounce Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Confirmation
8/7/2020 LTE - BDN COVID19 and Maine's budget crisis require action on health care costs
7/21/2020 USPRIG Health groups call on US Senate to protect emergency workers
7/21/2020 USPRIG Health groups call on US Senate to protect emergency workers
7/4/2020 PPH Move to repeal Affordable Care Act ‘just inviting chaos,’ Maine leaders say
6/24/2020 Free Press Online Calendar Item
5/26/2020 BDN Nearly half of Mainers have delayed medical care because of the coronavirus
5/21/2020 Nondiscrimination in Health and Health Education Programs and Activities, Final Rule (RIN 0945-AA11)
5/15/2020 B98.5 Radio No Insurance? You May Qualify For MaineCare
5/12/2020 WAGM News Mills Admin launches campaign to remind Mainers to explore coverage options in the face of COVID19
5/6/2020 Bangor Daily News More Mainers turn to the state’s safety net as the pandemic drags on
5/4/2020 Mt Desert Islander Help for Mainers with Health Insurance Worries
4/26/2020 WABI5 Free Health Care Guidance
4/2/2020 Public News Service Trump Administration Decides Against COVID-19 ACA Special Enrollment Period
3/25/2020 Penobscot Bay Pilot Cioppa: Mainers recently unemployed should consider health insurance coverage options
3/25/2020 Maine Public / Maine Calling Impacts of COVID-19: Maine's Economic Crisis & Statewide Help for Businesses and Workers
3/24/2020 Maine Beacon On 10th anniversary of ACA, Collins pushed COVID-19 package to weaken it
3/9/2020 Ellsworth American There’s no fast fix when it comes to health care
2/26/2020 WABI5 Major health care bills get hearings in Augusta
2/24/2020 BEACON Maine health advocates urge Collins to break with Pharma, address soaring drug prices 
2/13/2020 BDN New commission could curb Maine’s health care costs
2/13/2020 Health Affairs Revisiting CHIP Buy-In Programs For Children
2/5/2020 Governors Press Release Major Orgs endorse LD2007
1/23/2020 BEACON Mainers deliver 1,500 postcards to Gov. Mills demanding Medicaid cover dental care
1/10/2020 BEACON Advocates welcome plan for state-based ACA marketplace as important step

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