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We give consumers a voice in policy and rule-making decisions on health coverage.

Big Pharma and health insurance companies have lobbyists to protect their interests. We work to protect yours. To do the best job advocating for you, we need to hear from you!

Your story will help us identify the issues Mainers face in accessing health care. It will help us pinpoint effective strategies to address those issues, whether through advocacy, appeals, policy, or other means.

If you (or someone you know) has…
  • bought health insurance thinking you were covered, only to find out that a service you needed was not covered;
  • not filled a prescription, cut pills in half, skipped a recommended test or follow-up, or had a medical problem but did not go to the doctor because you could not afford to;
  • had trouble paying your medical bills or struggled to pay off a large amount of medical debt;
  • bought health insurance that did not cover services for a specific health condition because that health condition existed before your coverage started (often called a “preexisting condition exclusion”); or,
  • experienced some other health care coverage related problem,
…then we want to hear from you!


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Thank you for sharing your story.