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Interested in health policy in Maine? Or the Biden Administration's proposed rule on Medical Debt or the Supreme Court decision about Mifepristone? Get your Federal and State policy updates here. Other updates in this edition of CoffeeCAHC include Social Security and Medicare, medical debt, proposed changes to health insurance rates for 2025 and more.

In this issue of CoffeeCAHC readers explore Medicaid Awareness Month, Updates on Medical Debt Legislation, and Health Care and the Supreme Court.

This edition of CoffeeCAHC includes the latest Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Health Tracking Poll showing health care affordability remains a leading concern nationwide and, in Maine, public hearings on bills aimed at reducing medical debt.

This edition of CoffeeCAHC congratulates Dr. Richard Evans on his recent award for Outstanding Government Service, addresses federal work on prescription drug costs, local work to strengthen hospital financial assistance programs, and how Governor Mills recently released supplemental budget will impact health care and coverage issues across the state.

In our first edition of 2024, CoffeeCAHC readers explore Medical Debt in Maine, Barriers to Access and some Innovative Treatments and how inequitable the current health systems can be, along with some highlights from Governor Mills recent State of the State Address.

In this issue of CoffeeCAHC, our policy round-up will cover Surprise Medical Bills, the Opioid Epidemic, Reproductive Rights, MMA's Universal Coverage endorsement, and more.

In this edition of CoffeeCAHC our experts will give you information on National and State Level policies to include Biden's Bridge Access Program, updates on COVID19 tests and vaccines, changes at the National Institutes of Health, Maine's new Office of Affordable Health Care and all you need to know about enrolling in health insurance during this next open enrollment season.

In this edition:
⏺ CAHC Welcomes New Board Member and Two New Staff Members
⏺ Insurance Companies Propose Double-Digit Premium Increases for 2024 Health Plans
⏺ Shortages of Cancer Drugs Impacting Health Care Nationwide
⏺ Other state and federal health care policy updates!

In this issue of CoffeeCAHC we explore policies and practices that would increase the national debt ceiling and disturbing tactics that are increasing medical debt and restricting abortion access. We also speak to changes in MaineCare, Eligibility Gaps for Immigrants.

In this issue, we'll cover legal challenges to the ACA as it celebrates it's 13th year, Narcan availability, a look at what it's like to be Trans and/or Non-Binary in America, along with updates on bills of interest being considered at the Maine State Legislature. Lastly, for those with MaineCare coverage or in need of health insurance, we have some important tips for you in this issue as well!

In this issue we'll discus the ACA turning 13! The FDA ruling on Narcan, Being Trans and/or Non-Binary in America, and the MOBILE Health Care Act for National issues and in the state section we'll cover MaineCare coverage for all income-eligible Mainers, Farm Bureau plans, Rate Reform, and changes in MaineCare related to the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

If you are interested in learning more about insulin price cuts, debt limits and how they relate to health spending and the federal budget, surprise medical bills, reference rate pricing on pharmaceuticals or the new Office of Affordable Health Care, this issue is for you!

CAHC has some new additions to share in this issue along with news about the rising costs of health care, racial disparities, new data on the prescription drug cost increases, reproductive freedoms, and state budget hearings.

The information you need related to Contraceptive Coverage, Dobbs, how states are preparing for the end of the Medicaid Continuous Enrollment Period and the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. We'll also cover Maine's new director to the Office of Affordable Health Care and MaineCare re-determinations.