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Public Health Emergency

The Federal Public Health Emergency, also known as the PHE, is a declaration from the National Secretary of Health and Human Services that allows for temporary policy changes during a national public health emergency. The COVID-19 PHE was declared in March 2020. Most Mainers who had MaineCare coverage at that time have been able to keep MaineCare due to the "Continuous Coverage" provision even if they were no longer income eligible or did not complete their annual review.

Continuous Coverage will end April 31, 2023. Annual Reviews for All MaineCare Members will begin May 1st. MaineCare is required to provide notice to all members. This means that everyone who has MaineCare coverage will receive a letter from the Department of Health & Human Services, (DHHS) explaining what they need to do next.

All MaineCare members should prepare for end of Continuous Enrollment by doing the following:

  • Update your address and contact Information with DHHS by calling 1-855-797-4357, visiting a local office or visiting
  • Open and carefully read all mail sent by DHHS, they will not call you
  • Submit all responses as directed. Pay special attention to deadlines and return all required documents, especially your annual benefits recertification forms.
  • Watch out for your notice of determination letter. It will explain any changes in your coverage.

Your annual review will be due by the end of the month your application was submitted. If you signed up for electronic notifications through, you will receive communications via email and/or text. If you get paper notifications, your annual review will be sent in a blue striped envelope. If it's blue, it's time to renew.

DHHS has a notification timeline. For example, an August Review Month:

  • In June, a reminder letter will be sent reminding the member that their review is due in August
  • In Mid June, the member's annual review will be sent.
  • Reviews must be mailed or submitted online by August 31st. Only submit one review. Do not submit reviews electronically and by mail.
  • Closure notices will be sent September 1st for those who did not complete their review on time and benefits will end September 30th.
  • December 30th is the final day to complete August renewals or the member will need to reapply for benefits.

If your are found ineligible for MaineCare, you may be eligible for a Marketplace Special Enrollment Period through

If your family has an offer of health coverage through an employer, check with the human resources department to sign up for coverage.

Confused? We can help! Call our Consumer Assistance Helpline at 1-800-965-7476. Know someone who needs this information? Share this flyer with them.