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MaineCare Common Questions

How can I appeal a MaineCare denial?

Mistakes happen. If you feel you or your household were wrongly denied or terminated, you have the right to appeal that decision.

You can appeal if:

  • It has been 46 days since you applied and you have not received a decision.
  • You applied and were denied.  It is important to appeal within 30 days of the date of denial.
  • You get notice that you are losing coverage.  If you request a hearing within 15 days, coverage will continue until the hearing.

Appeal by Email
Write in your email that you want to appeal the decision. Be sure to include your name and contact information. Email your appeal to or any of the regional offices. Keep all email correspondence for your records.

Call 1-855-797-4357 or go to your local DHHS Office to request an appeal. You can find addresses for all local offices at this link

Appeal by Letter
Write that you want to appeal the decision be sure to include your name, ID or Social Security Number, phone number, mailing address and email.

Send it to:

Dept. of Health and Human Services
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

When mailing a letter to DHHS, be sure to save a copy and consider sending it by Certified Mail so you will have a record of when it was received.

Remember to keep good notes, and if you need help you can always call our HelpLine at 1-800-965-7476.