A little change can make a big impact.

For every person we assist, many others face barriers accessing the health care and coverage they need. With your help, we will continue to increase our capacity to help more Mainers, protect the gains Maine has made in coverage, and advocate for policies to help rein in rising health care costs.

CAHC assists thousands of consumers each year in understanding their health coverage options and enrolling in coverage. We also link people to safety-net programs, including hospital free care, community health clinics, and prescription assistance programs. In addition, we train hospital billing staff and social service agency personnel so they can assist members of their communities in obtaining coverage. We also help consumers challenge denied medical claims, so they are not forced into medical debt or required to bear the costs of their medical care inappropriately.

It is both humbling and inspiring to know that you stand with us in our efforts. We promise to do our utmost to ensure all Mainers, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, or health history, have access to quality, affordable health care. Thank you. 

Together, We Can Increase Health Access and Equity in Maine

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  • Karen R.
    Karen R.

    Many thanks to all of you who provide such valuable help on this extremely important but incredibly confusing, topic of healthcare.