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What are my health insurance options?

Everyone’s situation is different.  Your health insurance options will depend on whether you have access to work-based insurance, your household size and income, and other factors like age and disability status.  Our free HelpLine (1-800-965-7476) and Maine Guide to Health Insurance are here to help you zero in on your options to make the best choice possible.

My claim has been denied, can you help?

Understanding whether your insurance company has made a mistake, and figuring out how to fix it can seem like an impossible task!  We have been doing this work for over 25 years, and are here to help you.  Our HelpLine (1-800-965-7476) and legal staff provide free legal support through every step of the private insurance appeals process.  In 2013, we helped consumers recover more than $200,000 in benefits that had been initially denied by their insurance company.

Can I apply for MaineCare?

Many families qualify for some level of free or low-cost MaineCare, even if they make up to than $50,397 per year for a household of four!  Unfortunately, some people can’t get MaineCare even if they have zero income.  You may qualify for MaineCare if you are a parent or childyoung adult, or are elderly or disabled.  Don’t fit in one of those categories?  Call our HelpLine (1-800-965-7476) or check out our Guide to Maine Health Care for more information on your options.

I am losing MaineCare, what do I do?

First, let’s double-check!  Sometimes coverage is lost because MaineCare doesn’t have all the information they need.  Call our HelpLine (1-800-965-7476) or check out our Guide to Maine Health Care for more information about MaineCare eligibility.  Then, if you really are losing your coverage, our HelpLine staff can talk you through your options, from discounted health insurance through the Marketplace (link) to helpful programs like Hospital Free Care or prescription drug programs, which may cover some or all of your health care costs.

I have no insurance, what are affordable health care options?

There are a variety of programs that could help with the cost of health insurance or the cost of accessing health care services directly.  For example, MaineCare and the Marketplace are helpful ways to get free, low-cost, or discounted health insurance.  If you do not qualify for MaineCare or Marketplace discounts and cannot afford other private insurance, call our HelpLine (1-800-965-7476) or check out our Guide to Maine Health Care to identify programs that may help with cost for prescriptions drugs, primary and preventive care, emergency care  and more.

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